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  Docker installation options on macOS

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  Docker installation options on Windows

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  macOS with VirtualBox

With this method, Docker will run inside a VirtualBox VM

1. Download and Install VirtualBox

VirtualBox 5.2.20

2. Enable Kernel extension

System Preferences > Security & Privacy
If you do not see the Allow button it means the extension is already enabled.

3. Install Docksal

Open Terminal app and runcurl -fsSL | bash

4. Start the VM

fin vm start

  macOS with Docker for Mac

1. Download and Install Docker for Mac

Docker for Mac

2. Start Docker for Mac

Wait until it says "Docker is running" in the menubar icon menu.

3. Install Docksal

Open Terminal app and run:curl -fsSL | DOCKER_NATIVE=1 bash

  Supported Linux distribution

1. Check pre-requisites

  1. By default, Apache listens on and This will prevent Docksal reverse proxy from running properly. You can resolve it an any of the following ways:
    • Reconfigure Apache to listen on different host (e.g., and
    • Reconfigure Apache to listen on different ports (e.g., 8080 and 4433)
    • Stop and disable Apache
  2. Software. Check that you have:
    • curl
    • sudo

2. Install Docksal

Open Terminal app and run:curl -fsSL | bash

  Other Linux distributions


If you cannot find your distribution, it does not mean it is not supported! Less known Debian or Fedora derivatives are most likely supported.

Docker on Linux is installed using the official script. If your distribution is not in the list above, but supports it, then it is supported.

Incompatible distributions

In case your distribution in not compatible with, you need to install the latest stable Docker for you distribution first, and then follow the steps for compatible distributions.

  Windows with Babun and VirtualBox

1. Download and Install Babun

Babun Site

2. Install Docksal

Open Babun and run:curl -fsSL | bash

3. Start the VM

In Babun:fin vm start

  Windows with Babun and Docker for Windows

1. Download and Install Babun

Babun Site

2. Download and Install Docker for Windows

Docker for Windows

Installing Docker for Windows

Windows will require a logout and restart during the installation. See this screen recording to know what to expect.

3. Configure Docker for Windows

Share your local drives with Docker for Windows:

4. Install Docksal

Open Babun app and run:curl -fsSL | bash

  Windows with Ubuntu App and Docker for Mac

Ubuntu application was previously known as Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

1. Install Ubuntu app

Part 1. Start installation

Part 2. Finish Ubuntu app installation

2. Install and configure Docker for Windows

3. Install Docksal