What is Docksal?

Docksal is a tool for defining and managing development environments. It brings together common tools, minimizes configuration, and ensures environment consistency throughout your continuous integration workflow.

Logos for Docksal


Docksal uses Docker to create fully containerized environments. It also uses Virtual Box to support MacOS and Windows. Its main feature is the inclusion of a command-line tool, called fin, that simplifies the management of all components.

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Docksal comes preloaded with common Drupal development tools like Drush and Drupal Console, as well as php tools like Composer, PHP Code Sniffer, and php-cli. It also comes with node, npm, ruby, bundler, and python.

Set of tools on a table


There is built-in support for Apache Solr, Varnish, Memcache, Selenium, and Behat. And since services are containerized with Docker, any other service needed for a project can be added.