Comprehensive automation

Create your own cross-platform custom commands to
  • initialize local project instance in one step
  • run several complex builds in a sequence
  • compile and pack your theme
  • automate deployments to dev, stage, or CI servers
Use Bash, PHP, or Node out of the box, or extend Docksal stock images with your custom Dockerfile and pre-install your favorite tools.

OS Support


Launch popular Content Management Systems in minutes

  • Drupal 7, 8
  • Wordpress With wp-cli
  • Laravel Easy install
  • Magento with sample content
  • Grav,Gatsby, Hugo, JAM

You always wanted to try out Drupal, Wordpress, or Laravel, but installing them is a hassle? CMS installation process can be quite involved, even if authors make an effort to make it easier. fin project create With a single command you can easily spin up any of the above and more.

Install Docksal

Check system requirements
and select installation options

You can help

Docksal is the result of a collective effort of people contributing their time and dedication, and organizations supporting those contributions.
Something is not working? Missing a feature? You can help by

  • testing Docksal in different environments
  • reporting bugs in the issue queue
  • raising pull requests to contribute code or documentation
  • creating a custom addon and share it with the community